Thursday, April 26, 2012

cut, weld, grind, weld, grind, weld...∞

 the moment shinya caught me spying on him. he turned around all of a sudden and freaked me out!
this was like early early thursday morning or i should say wednesday after midnight. shinya was cutting, welding and grinding until dawn.
he got some sleep, started a brand new thursday again. rain had ceased. all 60s and 70s cars here, what a great view.


and weld, grind, weld, grind, weld, grind....till now.


i decide not to tell what he's trying to do until he finishes up. it will be soon :) i just love watching him never gives up on making something until he thinks he has it all.




Anonymous said...

You need to sell us Chabott t-shirts please

Pirate Tom said...

Weld grind weld... Ughh. I had to do that with the Falcon. I actually *Like* to weld. But there was one section of sheet metal that took literally days to get right. Drove me nuts. :)

menacing ayu said...

Anonymous: we make them for ourselves...but next time maybe try to make extra.

Pirate Tom: sure you'll work it out :)