Monday, April 2, 2012

good suspensions for both motorcycle and feet...

 received a pair of new ohlins shocks for the sportster.


 looks great!


 then shinya received a pair of Wesco highlander boots for the cannonball from Mr. Sunny Okamoto of cycleman.

続いてSunny Okamoto氏から、キャノンボール用に作ってくださったWescoのハイランダー・ブーツが届いた。

both boots and shocks look great!
(shinya in this picture is somehow paying attention to the old shock...)

レースまで毎日履き込んでカスタムメイドのブーツをより一層馴染ませます。 Sunny Okamoto氏、Wesco Japanの皆さま、ありがとうございます!

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Bushwacker said...

Those are really fascinating and interesting materials that you can work on Shinya. But, the thing is, whatever material you do on your work, it always turned out to be good. :D

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