Saturday, April 14, 2012

le dejeuner...

 came to grab some fish tacos and veggi burrito here at the local taco place. found a orange wall so took a picture with the sunshine bike.


and found a unique tree


 picked some fallen leaves(?)



matt machine said...

we have trees like that here....little bit different but called norfolk island pine....

as for bmw...sunburst paintwork one of my r90s.


Ayasha Kieth said...

The tree looks nice. . . it is somehow something that looks like a brush. Hahaha, what was it called?

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movementpractice said...

where did that sunshine bike pop out from all of a sudden?!

menacing ayu said...

matt machine: i looked up and i think it is norfolk island pine. thanks!

Ayasha Kieth: just like matt machine said, i think it's norfolk island pine.

movementpractice: ??? shinya got it about two weeks ago.

movementpractice said...

I love the old BMW's
and for me it is a new feeling to see one with you guys:
Japanese people in the states.
Riding and transforming bikes from all the coutries:-)