Friday, April 20, 2012

that is what made this experience so special...

do you remember those photographs that shinya won at the auction in vegas a while ago? our friend told shinya that a young man often times climbed the fence at the drag strip in england and took those pictures right in front of the starting line in late 60's...


that young man is him!!!

he's Robert Carter, an artist who draws/paints lots of old motorcycles and cars, you've maybe seen at the museums. anyway, his sister kept those photo negative films from 60's and 70's that Robert took at the drag strips in england and recently he found out about it and printed. shinya was so excited when he saw those photos because those drag bikes were the bikes that he had been seeing in the book when he was a child. :D what a fateful encounter!

実はこのRobert Carter氏はそうやって若い頃からレース場に通い詰めている内に虜になってしまい、旧いオートバイやクルマの絵を描くことを仕事に選んでしまって今に至るのだそう。彼の絵や大きな看板は車の博物館などで見たことがある人も多いと思います。実はその60年代後半から70年にかけてレース場で撮った写真のネガをお姉さんが保管してくれていて、最近そのことを知って現像してみたんだそうです。木村氏はこの写真に写っているバイクが子供の頃本で見ていて大好きだったドラッグ・バイクだったので驚き、写真購入に至ったという・・・素敵な出会いです。

yes, again. shinya wanted to have some fish tacos for our late lunch. they use cabbage instead of lettuce, baja style. yummy. their fish and shrimp tacos are the best ever, shinya says. this is a veggie burrito for me.



Bushwacker said...

That's fantastic! Really great encounter for Shinya. I guess he didn't ever assume that he's going to have that moment with R. Carter.

The veggie burritos looks yummy! :D

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menacing ayu said...

Bushwacker: yes! :)