Thursday, May 24, 2012

ok, we gotta try chevy van now...

shinya found this one for the same price as the gas money we had to spend for the two round trips to and from el mirage last weekend. the reason of the bargain was that the van owner couldn't open the hood. after 15 minutes test ride, shinya told him that he wanted to check at least oil and water because we were gonna drive 90 miles back. the van owner tried but couldn't open it. he said he could brake it by crowbar but we said no. then the van owner offered us half the price because he really had to get rid of this. overall it was a great van with 350/4spd so we took it.


on the way back, i was driving the pretty powerful and smooth cheby van, shinya was driving his cortina. the steering got so heavy so i got off the freeway to add some power steering fluid. oh, that's right, the hood won't open. but of course shinya won't shelve it.


and voila! added the fluid and came back with no problem. this van supposed to be W's but we may borrow it for the coast to coast cannonball in september. :D



Anonymous said...

Jealous. That's a sweet van!

menacing ayu said...

Anoymous: yay!