Sunday, May 6, 2012

the quali run...

a day before the quail motorcycle gathering in carmel, there was a 110-mile run including several laps at the laguna seca race track. shinya rode the "edge", ducati 999 two years ago right after he finished it. he wanted to try again with the mv agusta "blue-one" this year.

北カリフォルニアのカーメルにてquail motorcycle gatheringという集まりがあり、突然の思いつきで行くことに。前日には110マイルのランがあって、最後にラグナ・セカを数周回走れるというので、blue-oneで参加する木村氏。そう言えば前々回は出来たてホヤホヤの"edge"ドカ999で走ったなあ。

 Paul d'Orleans and S on her '65 bonneville

 laguna seca

found shinya at the parking area...couldn't capture any of him on the track. not a single shot...bummer!


 i miss my dog...


 three MVs


 three ducatis


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