Sunday, May 6, 2012

supermoon night...

after the quail motorcycle gathering, we headed to salinas to see Cole.
カーメルでのmotorcycle gathering が終わると、Coleに会いにサリナスへ向かう。
too bad we couldn't make it for the Cole's first annual show and the TT pro national race...

Coleとsalinas boysはメキシコのシンコ・デ・マイヨのお祭り(1862年にフランス軍に勝利した記念)&TTレースの会場の中でカーとモーターサイクルのショウを主催していたが、それには間に合わず打ち上げ会場のボーリング場に向かう。

 Cole's chic BMW


 we couldn't stay long because we had to head back to azusa but at least we could see great friends there and had a great time :)



GuitarSlinger said...

I was hoping you guys would visit with Cole Foster and the Salinas Boyz . Oh that BMW of his .......... that almost makes me sorry I'd bought the ride I did instead of having Cole do a number on some Euro Snob like his Bimmer .

So ...... any chance sometime in the future Shinya might get the Custom Car bug and do his magic on .... well maybe the Lotus Cortina ... or a Porsche 356 ..... or maybe an Alfa Spider ?

I can only imagine what the results would be if he ever does , but I know it would be great

Busch Brothers said...

It was so great to run into you two at the party! that was a nice surprise!. Too bad we couldn't stay longer, had to get back to the hotel. But, see you at Bonneville for sure!

menacing ayu said...

GuiatarSlnger: maybe a belly tank racer first ;)

Busch Brothers: was so great to see you guys there,too! we left soon after you guys left. look forward to seeing you two on the salt flats!!!