Saturday, May 19, 2012

the wall of 110...

drivers' meeting in the morning, the moment we get psyched up.


happy shinya. the spike passed the inspection without any problems :)


shinya tried the wesco cannonball boots on. they look great as always but not suitable for the land speed race :<  one day, shinya would ask them to make thinner sole racing boots.


the new van looks nice on the dry lake. but her mpg is horrible...


always happy to meet photographer B on the dry lake :)


two knuckles in the starting line!


their knuckle goes first.


and shinya is next. he got 108.67mph. good start.

次は木村氏とスパイクの番。 結果は108.67mph. まずまずのシーズン開幕。

we forgot to get some spare gasoline for the spike on the way to the dry lake so we went to the nearest gas station in the middle of the desert after the first run.


came back to the pit and shinya changed the jet size for the second run.


just waiting for our turn. the new van is very spacy and nice to take a nap on the side bench :)


J and shinya talking about the airflow in the starting line. our second run with the bigger jet wasn't good. 99.403mph. shinya didn't have the jet size between the one he used in the first run and the second run so our first day of the two-day meet was done.

Jリオが一生懸命にエア・フローの話をしてくれている。 ジェットを大きくした2本目は残念ながら99.403マイル。1本目と2本目で使ったジェットの間のサイズがなかったので、初日の今日はこれで終了。

nice car! W took my duster to the dry lake but he got here when we were about to leave :)


instead of camping out there, we came back to our workshop because shinya wanted to make the jet and some changes on the air box for tomorrow.



Voice of the Wind said...

How did Sempai do on Sunday?

menacing ayu said...

Voice of the Wind: couldn't go faster but had super great time on the lake bed :) did you guys enjoyed the race on saturday?