Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a fairing migration...

shinya robbed a beautiful old front fairing from M of evil spirit engineering last night. i'm sure M kept it because he wanted to use it someday...M has such a big heart.

昨晩evil spiritのMがいつか使おうと大切に持っていた何用か分からない古いフロントカウルを強奪して頂戴してきた木村氏。

shinya knew it was too small for his GS1000 but he tried it on anyway.


too small? i thought so, too :)
then he tried it on my XT500! yay!


nope, i don't think so.


so, shinya decided to keep it here until he finds the right motorcycle or something else to utilize this great looking fairing. i think that's what M was doing at his shop, too. the firing just moved from there to here :)

ah, i just found that shinya moved it right next to the MV front fairing.


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