Thursday, June 14, 2012

an orange incident...

B and B took the sunshine to enjoy more but she had some mechanical problems in the middle of the residential area in beverly hills yesterday so we picked it up and traded her for shinya's sporty. in spite of the incident, B and B remained in a jovial mood. they are fantastic people. the sporty here looks very small like a 250cc motorbike :D


now shinya got all parts needed to fix the problem.


secret deal at night :D 
we rode newly-fixed sunshine to the B's place near the shore and made a trade of beemer for sporty this time.


now the night was nice and breezy and we've got the sporty, why not cruise around the city a little bit! can you believe that there was no traffic jam to deal with on santa monica boulevard :) we went long way round and went back to azusa.


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