Thursday, June 28, 2012

TI, JM and OB...

Tak Isobe, a great photographer from japan stopped by. he was wearing a pair of newly made wesco boots that his longtime fried gave him as a gift.


 we talked...


 Isobe-san took some photos of shinya...

and shinya showed him moving indian because last time when Isobe-san saw our indian two years ago, it was all in pieces. it crossed the country after that and is ready for the next round. unbelievable.


Tom of junk motor was here with Isobe-san along with N-san and K-san of ocean beetle. it looks like born free is on its way :)

今回はjunk motorのTH氏と写真がないけどocean beetleのN氏とK氏も一緒に寄ってくださいました。皆さんお目当ては土曜日のborn freeですね、いいですね。

 Tom's beautiful hand-sewn buddy seat! he's amazing!


tom! he always put his own stickers here and there before we notice. this time, on our van and on shinya's sporty :D

TH氏がこっそり貼っていったjunk motorのステッカー。知らない間にシェヴィ・バンにも貼ってあった!けど、ベローンって半分剥がれかけてた。アレ、刷毛塗り塗装だから付きが悪いのねん。


junkmotor said...

Thanx a lot Ayu and Kim ♬ 
You guys feed us so nice taste sea food Taco in Azusa wanna be buck soon !

menacing ayu said...

junkmotor: come back soon!