Sunday, July 15, 2012

this is what the race is all about...

heading to el mirage


 prayer(maybe a snooze)


 passed the inspection without any trouble


 drivers meeting

 TC rushed up in time.


started. and i heard "1188 early turnout" from the radio in the van on the return road. it means shinya and the spike somehow couldn't make it to the finishing line. it always makes my heart pound...


came back to the pit and found a hole in the piston...didn't bring any spare pistons so it's done for the day. shinya will open up the engine and find the causes when we return to the workshop.


"'tis over"  :< well, next time!



Busch Brothers said...

oh no! hopefully now a chance to do more tricks to the engine to make it faster :-)

GuitarSlinger said...

Spares my two friends . Lots and lots of spare ..... everything . Thats the secrete behind a successful season on the Salt . Bring one of everything ( except the frame of course ) and maybe two of the things that always manage to crap out ( electronics etc )

Seriously guys . I don't even show up for a concert or go on tour without a spare everything on hand ( unless its something I know I can do without or obtain easily at the gig )

Spares . Make that the Chabott Mantra for Bonneville 2013

menacing ayu said...

Bucsh Brothers: yup, it's been 5 years so this is the time to make changes and improvements. we're very excited!

GuitarSlinger: :) we do bring lots of spares to the bonneville since it's far away and also we've got a whole week to race there. we have plenty of time to fix, repair, make changes during the week. el mirage in july is one-day race so we had to draw a line what to fix or not fix on site. shinya usually bring a whole motor and tons of mechanical spare parts.

Pirate Tom said...

Ouch. I used to carry two spare generators around in my Falcon's trunk all the time. I was switching those things so often that I could do the whole swap in 15 minutes on the side of the road after awhile. But a hole in a piston? Yeah, that would ground me pretty quickly. Of course, that's me, not you guys. I'm sure Shinya will have it up and running pretty quick. One of these days I'll have to get an alternator for that car.

menacing ayu said...

Pirate Tom: i now have spare distributor rotors in my plymouth duster :)

pushrod mofo said...

Argh. Well, what doesn't kill you makes you stringer I suppose. Good luck!

pushrod mofo said...

Of course I mean "stronger" - but maybe being stringer will help too!

menacing ayu said...

pushrod mofo: thank you :)