Sunday, August 5, 2012

la da da dee da da da da ...

shinya finally got a chance to wash his sportster today.


and to change the front tyre.


yeah, we rode a lot ;p shiya said this tyre reminded him of days in his 20s when he used to go for a ride every morning before work.


in the meantime, some guys, looked like they were on the way or on the way back from the canyon, stopped by. they said one of them (a modern mv agusta) got a flat tyre and tried to fix it with a repair kit but ended up losing air. they saw us open with bunches of old motorcycles in front so they stopped.


we really wanted to help but we didn't carry tyres that fits and even if we had a right tyre, it requires a special tool to take out this kind of wheels, which we didn't have either, so we could do nothing but put some air in. what a shame. then they stepped into our workshop and found the blue-one('74 MV Agusta) and other stuff. hope it was a welcome change at least. flat tyre sucks.


one of them G had this beautiful kawasaki GPZ!


ok, back to tyre change for shinya's sporty. 


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