Friday, August 3, 2012

S-san's tale of quest...

S-san first stopped by in late april or in may and told us that he was going to get a honda CB750 soon and would come back with it to ride the canyon with us. and today he did come back with this beautiful CB750. yup, the man of deeds!


traffic safety charm decal from a famous shrine in tokyo.


the body posture may be a bit tense for a canyon ride with the handlebar he had on his CB so shinya suggested S-san to change it to the one we had at the workshop. it should be a simple procedure.


unfortunately, all the wires were placed through the handlebar so it was too complicated to swap handlebars in less time. so S-san had to give up for now. by the way, 4 hondas in this picture :D

now, we were so ready for a ride. but the CB wouldn't start up...


shinya found out that the kill switch was worn out and maybe when S-san took the throttle off, it got broken. shinya just omitted it. okay, we can go to the canyon now.


shinya on the CB750


two hondas and one yamaha from 70's.



Guru Marine said...

That's a good looking bike. I'm considering the purchase of a 78 EB750K right now.

Hairy Larry said...

Interesting paint job on the 750...similar to the old 500, with the panel painted like that.

menacing ayu said...

Guru Marine: '78 CB750K, it's a great bike!

Hairy Larry: ah! i didn't realize that but it is similar to the old 500!

SakeRacer said...

shinya looks good on the old big honda four!!
he should try to build a bike based on that..