Monday, August 27, 2012

what is motorcycling, i wonder...

as long as we got back from the airport, shinya and niimie were like this.


shinya telling niimie his idea of putting a smaller sprocket to the indina so that it can maintain the same speed but lower the rev to keep the engine cooler. or it could go a bit faster. tiny tiny bit faster but it's very important to keep the engine of our indian cooler.


our training camp somehow starts with a canyon ride for riders to get use to the long daily ride. ok, i just made up a damn good reason to get on our motorcycles :D


our journey is about to begin. they're always relaxed and optimistic because they're doing this for themselves and they are quietly confident about keeping the indian going (and the van) until we see the pacific ocean again. they love motorcycling and they are prepared for anything that comes with it. i'm prepared for driving the van coast to coast and then back to our workshop safely ;P



ElSolitarioMC said...

Bestest to the whole team!
we will follow closely your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Sending your team best regards for a most sucessful journey.

menacing ayu said...

ElSokitarioMC: gracias!

Rockford: thank you!

Paul Jamiol said...

Hope the Indian runs the best and hope you guys have fun!

menacing ayu said...

Paul Jamiol: Thank you :)