Sunday, September 23, 2012

coundn't get the perfect score but we had an extraordinary experience so it's all good...

 at the 6-mile mark...


 it wouldn't start...

very kind officials said that there would be a lunch break before the bridge so we just haul the indian there and fix it during the lunch and cross the golden gate bridge, so we did.


found another broken-down bike ahead.


and here, too.


Sean and Bill


didn't matter whose bike it was, they all tried to fix it and cross the golden gate bridge together.


whenever the sweep truck was stopped, shinya and niimie checked on the indian. no super panacea yet.



finally got to the park before the golden gate bridge. man, it was the longest drive of the whole trip. not the distance wise but i felt so.


in fact, there was nothing to do for shinya and niimie to fix the indian to the point where it can make it cross the bridge and run through the city in the urban traffic to the grand finish. but they wouldn't just give up.


nooooooooo waaaaaay! it's running again!!


they made it for the group picture, too :)


shinya yelled "be prepare to lose the engine, i'll make it through!" and left. but... see the bridge up there? we all had to climb a steep hill to get to the bridge which the indian perhaps could not survive. however, we felt good. wherever they stop, we'll pick them up, no problem, and make a grand finish imposingly. i was thinking something like that while sending off all the antique motorcycles.



Anonymous said...

It was tons of fun to ride behind Shinya through the Presidio. I'm very proud of the #80 team for your hard work.

menacing ayu said...

occhiolungo: thank you! it was so great to see you and K there :)