Friday, August 31, 2012

did i mention that it's not so cool to look around for an auto parts place in unknown land?

the van. found that the water in the reservoir tank was boiling becaue the radiator cap was bad so it got no pressure. in utah now.


so we had to find an auto parts place in the unknown town. it's ok, we found it, got the new cap, problem solved :)



Jim said...

Like an oldman said, you'll know how tough your boat once you're sailing in the ocean. Am pretty sure the van will make it all the way to NY.

menacing ayu said...

Jim: thank you :)

Pirate Tom said...

Last year, I borrowed my sisters car for a trip because it ran better/got better gas mileage than my truck. About halfway through, out on the interstate, one of the cylinders stopped firing. I didn't really have time for a diagnosis, so I hoped it was either the wires or the plugs, and swapped those out after finding a parts store that I could limp the car to. It is distressing, but... Also kind of fun! Drove a VW van-a-gone halfway across the U.S. once too. Ended up replacing the shocks, dropping the gas tank, swapping the head, and replacing the dash on the way! It was kind of fun.

menacing ayu said...

Pirate Tom: i always enjoy the roadside / parking lot auto repair, too. i mean, all i do is just watch them work on the car/van but still, i remember them fondly later on :)