Wednesday, September 5, 2012

it's all good...

no rain but it is really hot and humid in newburgh. shinya and niimie are modifying the old inflator that they found at an atique mall on the way to take it with them during the run. just let you know that they do brought a up-to-date working condition one for on board and air compressor for the pit :)


reunited with many special cannonballers and met many new great cannonballers.


Paul d'Orleans and his 1928 velocette


Paul is ready for a test ride!


now at the auto parts store, looking for some goodies for the van for some improvement and to get ready for the way back.


now the van's turn.


engine room has opened! both on the indian and the van, we need to take special care and extra time on them to move forward together. but that's the fun part that we dont want to miss and because of that we enjoy this adventure so much. 


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