Monday, September 10, 2012

stage 4....

it did start but shinya and niimie didn't like it. if it's just for today they could say yay and go but we still got about what? 4,500 miles left? 230 miles just for today and it's a short distance day. so they wanted to make it to the best condition possible.


in the starting line. well, actually they were the last one to start :)but it's alright, as long as they can start the new stage. and if they could come back? that's more than alright! beyond the alright.


at finishing point waiting for niimie to arrive. there was no problem with the van today. :)


and they did come back!



movementpractice said...

that is such a thrilling story!!
I hope that now the pushrod and valveguide and valve are nicely alighned so they move free!
and you get good food and rest while you can:-)

Botkyrka Motorklubb - MC-sektionen said...

Yes, it´s very nice (and thrilling) reading! Can´t vait for next day!

moto said...

your guys are amazing. Keep it up!

American motorcycles said...

Enjoy following your adventures and your hard work as well as your skills in getting the ol Injun ready for start after mechanical issues.

Keep your spirit high!


movementpractice said...

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