Sunday, October 21, 2012

bliss ninny...

since shinya injured his finger and unable to wear racing gloves, he took a pass on el mirage october meet. when we told our friend, great motorcycle designer and alumnus of pasadena college of design Miguel Gulluzzi about it, he invited us to the annual car show held at the college.


the first thing we saw at the entrance was this porsche carerra 6 passing through...


our friend car guy W polishing the sportster.




1994 porsche 911 by Singer, the 21st century coachbuilders.


this is the one we saw at the entrance!

あ、さっき入口で見たポルシェ カレラ6だ!こんな坂の途中に停めちゃって。

 viewing time


it was a great honor to meet automobile clay modeler mr.NS and automobile designer mr.OS. made us very happy to know that japanese modelers and designers are active in front line at big auto makers around the world.


shinya was pretending to be a student and walking around the desgin center... :D


vroom! they push started the ferrari D50 lancia.


lamborghini espada at the parking lot.




Plan B Motorcycles said...

The first two pictures look amazing Ayu! They seems to be from an old James Bond movie...

menacing ayu said...

Plan B Motorcycles: thank you!

Duncan Warth said...

Amazing Show, I have never seen such a high quality, must be be because of the venue's alumni ? is the blue roadster a chevy powered special or european ? When will you do a car ??? he he The Kimura Special, you could use the Duster Motor, I can see it with a bit of salt. Thank you for the post, looks like a great day !