Friday, October 19, 2012

infilling the dead spaces...

 what is shinya staring at?


ah, the shelves he got yesterday! they are nice but where and how would he put them in our jammed workshop? that's the question.

chabott guardian bird, made by our good friend JS of paradise road in aichi, japan, must be relocated. it was there at the right corner in 2006 then moved to the obliquely upward in 2008 and now where will he go?


they somehow did fit into the dead space that we've been pretending not to see it. perfect!


and this will be the guardian bird's new place :)


does he look satisfied? no way! he said he was going to get some more shelves! he always does remodel the workshop before he starts a new project.

少しばかり広くなったチャボで満足そうにマコナベ氏が送って下さったchopper journalを読む木村氏。しかし、どこかソワソワ落ち着かない。やっぱりもう少し棚を増やしたいそうなんです。いつも新しい制作活動の前に大幅な模様替えをする木村氏。気持ちを新たにってことなんでしょうけど、これが結構大変なんですよ!


movementpractice said...

so i am wondering what the next project is going to be??

menacing ayu said...

movementpractice: TBA :)