Friday, November 30, 2012

after midnight sports festival...

so, shinya spent all day with beemer at concert pitch, we took a night walk to calm him down before we take a rest. it was already 1am or so.


instead of calm him down, the night walk made a cold shower effect and totally wakened him :<


okay, he started rustling through the boxes full of used parts...


but then...he started to move around heavy stuff. why do i have a bad feeling about this?


to get the punch machine out, i think you need to move the springer fork press behind it, too, shinya!


i told you! after this, it became chaotic so there is no picture because i had to help with all my might :D eventually, we had to move the slip roller.


the tempest passed. everything fell into the right place. now shinya is calm and putting the tank on the JD.


"huh? it hasn't changed much, has it?" shinya looked at the area that WE struggled for an hour. "it looks better now!" i said swiftly.


finally he said he was tired :) night-night



Mac Guy said...

Ha Ha, thats classic! And very well narrated indeed.

I feel as if I have missed something if I do not check this blog each day.

menacing ayu said...

Mac Guy: thank you :)

Busch Brothers said...

I love reading your stories, it reminds me so much of us sometimes!