Friday, November 16, 2012

the scent of orange grove...

S-san of DoLUCK motorcycle in ehime, japan stopped by. he loves drag race and not only he races, he also got one of the AHDRA champion machines and demonstrate at the drag events for people in japan to experience the real drag racer. anyway, he wanted to sit on the spike :)

2年振りに愛媛県のDoLUCK motorcycle のSゲマツ氏が奥様と来チャボ。

S-san telling story about when he crashed into the wall on the drag strip, etc. scary!


"are you looking straight ahead through the screen?" S-san asked. "no, i look down before the finish line!" shinya asid.


well, S-san's speed is twice as much as the spike's but still they do share the speed freak trait.


they brought us very popular and longtime seller(since 1962) japanese candy called tirol chocolate but not the regular flavor. S-san is from ehime prefecture and is famous for oranges. the orange flavored tirol chocolate is only available in shikoku area ;)



Hairy Larry said...

Whoa!! I guess if you gotta get-off, it's better done before something like that has a chance to really wind up...
That tire looks like something off of a big gasser car...

menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: i know! scary!