Thursday, December 20, 2012

pack the nostril with nux...

 "ride to live"

the first kick. installed a kicker on SN's shovel


received Tom's latest art piece called "death's head" from junk motor. he's super-duper-duper! shinya put nuts on its nose. thank you, Tom!

junk motorから"デスヘッド"というすっごいナッツ入れが届きました!2粒しか入らないけど。Tom氏の発想と行動力にはいつも驚きと刺激をもらっているのです。ありがとうございます。

shinya is not satisfied with the sportster he's been working on it endlessly.



junkmotor said...

Merry X'mas ! he Looks perfect thanx a lot ♪♪ 

menacing ayu said...

junkmotor: merry x'mas!! thank you as always. we love you!! 飴ちゃんもありが㌧!

SakeRacer said...

it's a lil late to say merry xmas..
but i send u my best wishes fot a happy new year!!!
cheers all!

PS: everybody loves that crazy mf hayashi-san