Thursday, January 24, 2013

as free as a bird...

just an idea   
ventilated discs for the bmw  
just an idea  
maybe? maybe not? this is just an experiment so let shinya try and decide. those who already have tried them, if it worked or not, give him a chance to try. this is shinya's trial and error approach ;) 

our favorite lifestyle is to not look back too much, not to be afraid of making mistakes or going a long way round and facing criticisms...just keep on pushing and have fun :D although this is nothing to do with these beautiful ventilated discs ;P

 got rims

 it looks great if it goes like this.


 let's see...




early evening. we were in newport beach on some errand and decided to swing by and say hello to the chef at one of our and buddha's favorite.(that's the name of the restaurant, buddha's favorite.) after early dinner, we walked around the area.

夕方用事でニューポート・ビーチへ行ったので、私達の大好きな、そしてブッダも大好きなbuddha's favoriteへ知人のシェフの顔を拝見しにいくことに。そして早い時間からとっても美味しいお食事をたくさん作っていただき、大満足の後周辺を散歩。朝の雨も止んで、しっとり素敵な風景。


Mac Guy said...

An awesome approach indeed. Fun is key! :- )

menacing ayu said...

Mac Guy: :)