Sunday, January 27, 2013

CB450 seat restoration, part 1...

checking the inside of the original seat of the CB450.


the inside was just as shinya suspected but he looked so bummed...


and of course the old sponge stinks! he had to remove them to see the condition of the seat pan.

in spite of the stinky foam, the pan wasn't that bad :)


he stripped off the vinyl from the other seat that he found when he did the cleaning the other day and put on the backside of the stinky old dried vinyl. oh wait, the vinyl wasn't stinky...


just so you know, he wanted to keep the original vinyl and do it by himself to somehow pull the whole look, the old motorcycle and the seat, together. and of course, the old vinyl looks so rad, he said.


put some weights and wait for the glue to dry, patiently.


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