Monday, January 14, 2013

take us to the dim sum place, duster!

ok, time for a test ride. the duster ran great when we drove around our workshop last night (early this morning) but haven't tried on a freeway yet. so, where should we go? a combination of a good distance on both freeway and town street plus we were so hungry. the only and perfect place we could think of was our favorite dim sum place in one of the new chinatowns in west san gabriel valley. about 30 miles /48km round trip. let's go!!


after we got off the freeway, the engine was a bit rough so we stopped and shinya adjusted the carb but on the freeway it was smooth as silk. looking back on the way home from las vegas, now the duster is like a totally different vehicle :D


 had a great dim sum.


one last adjustment. maybe the float is no good. anyway, we got back ok and now i'm driving my duster around just like before. thank you, shinya!!


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