Thursday, January 3, 2013

the first thursday swap meet of the new year...

nice and sunny. got some tools, knicks and knacks, and mangoes.

 a nice vendor truck

shinya found a fine cash box without a key. the guy who was selling this said, "hey, if it had a key, it will be $25 at least! it's a nice box!" and shinya asked, "but it has no key, how much?" the guy said "ok, four bucks!" "how about three?" "deal!"


used baking pans. very handy to put oily parts or fasteners. 3/$1

adding some tools to W's tool wagon.


 i like his drawings :)


the orange blinkers are blinking now.



Hairy Larry said...

That's funny, Shinya and I have something in common, with labeling things with pictures. That and buying lots of motorcycles...

Kai Vallon said...

Nice! I wish we had more swaps like that around here. The bike is looking great!

menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: that are the main factors behind the character of you and shinya :D

Kai Vallon: thank you!

Swagger said...

If I may ask, could you point me to the source of the turn signal lenses?
There are fantastic and exactly what I've been looking for.

menacing ayu said...

Swagger: we found those marker lamps at a swap meet but shinya said they are nothing special. you can find them brand new maybe at tedd cycle?