Friday, February 15, 2013

98 years old indian factory wallet from our friend in sacramento...

we first met RO at born free last year. he brought very cool hardtail sportster there from sacramento and we chatted with him then found out that he was an old friend of our friend/fellow cannonballer DK's.

最初にROに出会ったのは去年のborn free。ROは若者に交じって自分でカスタムしたハードテイル・スポーツスターをサクラメントから乗って来ていて、気さくに話しかけてきてくれた。そして、1回目と2回目のキャノンボールで一緒だったDKの古い友人であることが判明。しかも、ブログを見てくれているとも。「アンティーク・モーターサイクルも大好きだし、スポーツスターも好きだし、旧いジャパニーズ・モーターサイクルも好きだし、キミと同じだろ!」と木村氏と意気投合。

we reunited with him on a day before the last day of the cannonball in northern california last september. RO is the director of Antique Motorcycle Club of America and when we heard that he and the club members would be escorting all the cannonball riders from golden gate bridge to the finish line, we were somehow relieved.


anyway, RO sent us this indian 1915 factory wallet along with some pictures, and information on vintage motorcycle swap meet in june in dixon. this package really really means a lot to us. it doesn't matter where you're from, how old you are, just love of motorcycle bring people together. that's amazing and it's our lifelong treasure. thank you, RO! we look forward to the dixon and meeting you again in june. and we do have some pre1978 japanese m/c's :D



Kai Vallon said...

Wow, what a piece of history, he sounds like a great new friend.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Sprocket is a great guy. He knows a lot of stuff, and has lots of good stories to tell.

Hairy Larry said...

I've missed the last several Dixon meets, have to see if I can make it this year. Seen some really nice old bikes there.

menacing ayu said...

Kai Vallon: yes, he is!!

occhiolungo: we gotta spend more time with him!

Hairy Larry: so, maybe we'll see you there?