Friday, February 1, 2013

every finger counts...

shinya got this heavy duty box & pan finger brake from our local used tool and machinery warehouse. if we skimp on the "$35 loading fee", they drop your item in front of your van/truck by forklift just like this. there was no such a fee before but they started to charge you since...4 years ago.


in other words, they charge you $35 just for pushing in the item 1 more yard into your vehicle. if it's a super heavy item that's a great service but when it's something that we can manage...what do you think? well, when we bought a heavy duty big drawer full of heavy tools last time, we took all the drawer cases out and heft on a still heavy empty frame on our shoulders to put into the van. so the finger brake? it's nothing. plus...if we pay this $35 just to have an easy life, there will be no such interesting-funny episodes to tell you :D we chose fun over easy.


 it was a piece of cake!


 of course, shinya will modify the stand.


and changed the color of the stand, as always :)



Hairy Larry said...

Good to have all your fingers....and toes!

pushrodmofo said...

"we chose fun over easy" - quote of the week!

menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: hehehe

pushrodmofo: :p

Sergio Gamarra said...

I just got the same Diacro finger brake from back in the storage area at school. The students will learn to use it once I clean it up!