Monday, February 25, 2013

looks like we're preparing for the next one but are we really?

shinya and niimie trying to take out the indian engine. 
i knew they were just gonna check the inside and didn't need to ride it tomorrow morning but watching all this still gave me somewhat odd sensations...


while they were working on the indian, mopar W was working on our van. the van has been running super great without any problem since we came back from the cannonball. however, it doesn't turn much even at full lock so i can make a k-turn but not a u-turn. it's been a pain in the butt when i had to park this long bodied van in between cars at the parking lot. so W said he would take a look and make it better. :)


still beautiful :)


mopar W getting lonely working outside by himself so he came in. he was pretending to make it look like he was seeking for some bolts or nuts but listening intently to shinya and niimie's conversation. i could tell.


now mopar W stays in fooling around.


but then saw shinya and niimie working seriously, W agian was pretending to make it look like he was searching for some tools around them.


 W playing for attention :D


shucks! the crank pin was loosened and the cage of the crank bearing was in pieces...can't believe it ran again at the last minutes on the last day of the cannonball,really!


 W, again.


actually, W was working hard outside and made the van turn well. now i can make a u-turn if there is no traffic and parking is a lot more easier ;) thank you, W!!



movementpractice said...

So for the time being the indian does not have to be up and running next morning. And the van is turning now more swiftly...was that your way to say there might be a next cannonball?

menacing ayu said...

movementpractice: all i know is they're not quitters ;p

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking( hoping) they are in it again.

Cheers and beers