Tuesday, February 12, 2013

stimulus applied...

we had to be in mid-city on some errand. wanted to take a picture of a mercedes coupe outside the cafe but ended up taking a picture of my latte...oh, well.


- photo by shinya
then we were heading to newport beach. saw tons of news vans gathering in front of LAPD when we were passing through.(shinya wanted but couldn't capture those vans) maybe they found that cop killer. (found out later that the cabin was still burning at the time.)

写真撮影:木村氏。 都会から今度は友人に会いにニューポートビーチへ移動。渋滞を避けて下道をズンズン進みLAPDの前を通ると、おびただしい数のテレビやラジオ局の中継車が集結していた。(木村氏はそれを撮りたかったみたいだけど、全然写っていない・・・)ずっとビッグベアに潜伏中だった例の逃亡犯が遂に見つかったのかも。(この時はまだキャビンが燃えている最中だったと後で知る。)ここ1週間くらいLAではこのニュースで持ち切りだったようです。 

back from newport beach. shinya started to tinkering with the bridgeport and he said that in 2013 he wanted to deepen a mature relationship with the milling machine. i love his "keep on learning" attitude.


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