Wednesday, March 20, 2013

machine of the day...

shinya got a corner notcher at the local used machinery and of course he scrimped on "loading fee" so we loaded by our bootlaces. was very easy, though.


 unloading the notcher was a bit scary.


 shinya tried it out right away as usual :)



 shinya's doing something on the bmw engine front cover...



Hairy Larry said...

Funny, I was just thinking of the notcher we have at work, while looking at a totebox I made as an example for an adult ed class I was helping to teach. I learned sheetmetal work from a great teacher in High school. Unfortunately young people today don't have the shop classes in most school districts anymore. Must be something in the air... (this will be my fourth try to post this, sorry if multuple comments show up...)

menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: shinya said when he was trying to customize his motorcycle when he was in high school and he wanted to do something but didn't know how, he went to his shop class teacher.