Wednesday, March 27, 2013

right and left...

back from the airport and having some reading time. we stopped by at garage company on the way back from the museum yesterday and shinya got this book called "motorcycle drag racing: a history"...

昨日美術館からの帰りにガレージ・カンパニーに寄って「モーターサイクル ドラッグ レーシング:ア ヒストリー」という本を入手した木村氏。空港から戻って来てさっそく読書タイム。

and yoshi gave shinya these honda and suzuki stickers :)



back to work. bmw engine right side.


guess shinya's niece left a towel here. it's sort of like a marking behavior :D

あら、Y子ちゃん達こんな所にタオルを忘れて帰っちゃった。マーキングだな :D



right side done!



Anonymous said...

Being able to look over Mr. Kimura's shoulder while he works is a wonderful privilege. I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and you are both a great inspiration.

Thank you

menacing ayu said...

kdcline: wow, thank you ♥