Tuesday, March 12, 2013

something astonishing...

wow@@ we usually receive a small plaque after the race when we least expected. this time, since shinya got his personal record in november, we were kinda waiting for it. today we received a big envelope full of surprises from our car club and SCTA :)


do you see his right leg? he was very happy to see those plaques but in a bashful manner :)


"PERFORMANCE ACHIEVEMENT" 108, 99, turn out (got a hole in the piston),and then we got 114 on salt flats, back on dry lake and got 123.473mph.  although there are class records to beat, to us land speed race is a challenge for ourselves. so it was a surprise to know that someone was watching us and praising us like this :)

「パフォーマンス アチーブメント けっこう速くなったで賞」 シーズン開幕戦では108マイル、次の月は99マイル、7月はピストンに穴が開き計測地点に到達する前にコースを外れ、8月はボンネビルで114を出すもエルミラージのシーズン記録にソルトは含まれないので、シーズン最後に突然に123マイルが出た感じになっちゃってる。ランド・スピード・レースとは私達にとっては自己との戦い。もちろん最終的には既存のクラスレコードを破りたい。でも走る時はいつも誰かを相手にレースしている訳ではない。結果が良くても悪くても、自分達の中で歓び悔しがるものだと思っていた。だから、こうしてどこかで誰かが見ていてくれて、先シーズンは頑張ったね、と言ってもらえるなんて驚きだし嬉しい!

our car club also gave shinya a huge plaque!! glad that we've continued to race.


these are the small plaques that we usually receive.


shinya was posting these on the shelf door at the beginning but then he stopped because the speed remained on a plateau.


looking forward to the season-opening!!


**i've posted about last tuesday below here :)



Voice of the Wind said...

Congratulations Senpai and Ayu!

emil said...

The San Diego Roadster Club was a hot rod club from San Diego, California. The club was founded in 1941 by Ed Stewart, Johnny Vesco, Bozzy Willis and J. Otto Crocker.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!


menacing ayu said...

Voice of the Wind: arigato!!

emil: SDRC is one of the 11 SCTA land speed racing clubs.