Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the KING...

picked up the CB750 for our special friend.


parked right next to the CL450. red and blue :)


it looks beautiful. too beautiful than we had expected :D



Hairy Larry said...

Very cherry looking 750. Is that about a '75? I've got a '72, but it's nowhere near that condition.

emil said...

The Honda CB750 is a motorcycle built in several model series between 1969 and 2003, and also in 2007, that is recognized as a milestone for Honda's successful introduction of the transverse, overhead camshaft inline four-cylinder engine that has been seen ever since in the dominant sport bike configuration. Though MV Agusta had sold such a model in 1965, and it had been used in racing engines before World War II, the CB750 is recognized as the four-cylinder sport bike that had a lasting impact and is often called the first superbike. The model is included in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Classic Bikes, the Discovery Channel's "Greatest Motorbikes Ever," and was in The Art of the Motorcycle exhibition, and is in the UK National Motor Museum.

Greetings from Stuttgart, Germany


menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: yup, '76. it's a beauty and we're happy for our friend. if it's for us, probably it's too nice :)

emil: thank you, Mattias!

Alex T77 said...

Just picked up a 78 750, not cherry but kinda free!

menacing ayu said...

Alex T77: kinda free is good ;P