Tuesday, April 2, 2013

an ideal working environment...

okay, shinya changed the t-shirts (it's becoming a ritual now) and got ready for the second half of the day. gas tank.


"i always use the same hammer. i really like this one. who made this?" shinya said and checked his favorite hammer that he has been using for several years

「何かいつも使うハンマーがあってさあ、すっごい気に入ってるんだよねー。どこのだろう。」 突然、何年も気に入って使っているハンマーをよ~く見てみる木村氏。

 "OMG!!" he squealed like a high school girl.

it says "PL▽MB"! one of his favorites! he got this because he liked the shape and has been using it without knowing it was made by plomb.


"i may have more..." shinya started to check all of his hammers. but no, it was the only plomb hammer.


 "hmmm, after all, i really like it!"

shinya couldn't let it go and continued to search for another hidden plomb hammer :)



Hairy Larry said...

Seems Shinya is just 'Plumb' crazy...about good tools.

menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: hahaha :D