Sunday, April 7, 2013

blow with the wind...

shinya digging at once-a-month flea market on a college campus in pasadena.



 green x green


a part of what shinya scored today.



emil said...

From Wikipedia 2013: "The Lotus-Cortina is a high-performance car, which was produced in the United Kingdom from 1963 to 1970 by the Ford in collaboration with Lotus Cars. The original version, which was based on the Ford Cortina Mark was promoted by Ford as the "Consul Cortina developed by Lotus", with "Consul" later being dropped from the name. The Mark 2 was based on the Ford Cortina Mark 2 and was marketed by Ford as the "Cortina Lotus"."

Greetings from SR500-enthusiast Matthias in Germany > motorcycle riding season 2013 is starting right now, the temperature is rising towards 12-15°C :-)

menacing ayu said...

Matthias: shinya's cortina does not have lotus engine. his has formula ford engine so we call it "Enfo" or english ford cortina not lotus-cortina :D