Tuesday, April 23, 2013

thank you DEUS, thank you REVIVAL, and thank you the ONE show!!

so glad to see them all in one piece!! yes, S and N of Deus came back from austin, texas with tales of exciting adventures they had over the weekend! gee, can't believe we missed them all...

人もバンもオートバイも全員無事にテキサス州オースティンから戻って来た!そして、思いっきりエンジョイしてきたデアスのSとNが大興奮でお土産話を聞かせてくれた。the ONE showは大盛況だったらしいし、moto GP のレースも観れたみたいだし、途中で面白い出会いがあったり、存分に楽しんできたんだって。運転する距離は長くて気が遠くなるけど、それ以上のものがあるよね、ロードトリップ。

 welcome back spike!


 super slick deus R100S

thank you and have a safe drive back, S and N! you guys are the best! you're almost there :)


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matthias said...

Very nice R100S - from BMW, number one where it counts... on the roads and in the records. 4-stroke stormer with a racer's style and spirit. I like it.

Greetings from Germany,