Tuesday, May 14, 2013

♥ freewheelingness...

excuse #1: jet lag  excuse #2: sudden heat wave arrived in azusa therefore he's been relaxing and reading some books and magazines that he brought back from japan.

言い訳その1: 時差ぼけ 言い訳その2: アズサは突然30℃超えの真夏日...で、日本から持ち帰って来た本や雑誌を朝から読みふけって、ヴァカンス気分の木村氏。

shinya bought this exact same book when he was in high school but he said he couldn't find it anywhere. when he visited one of his friend's shop in japan last week, he found his friend had two of them and asked why he had two. his friend said "oh? i have two? take one with you then!" thank you S-san!

これとまったく同じ本を高校生の時にドキドキしながら買ったという木村氏、しかし今は手元に残っておらず。先週日本で友人のショップに行った時、なぜかその友人Sサカワ氏がこの本を2冊持っているのを見つけた木村氏。「あれ、Sサカワさん、何でこれ2冊持ってるの?」「え!2冊ある?じゃ、1冊持ってっていいよ~」 良い人過ぎる。 で、ずーーっと読書。

then he began installing the exhaust pipe that he brought back from japan on the CB750.


hand bend exhaust pipe is soooo beautiful!


i've never worried about his work schedule. everything is fixed in his head. but hey, the race is this weekend @@


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