Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Z for land speed record...

our friends have been challenging the land speed record from japan on their kawasaki Z once a year for three years in a row now. each time they work on the racer in japan and ship to US for the race and ship it back to japan after the race. this year, we became the recipient of the bike because the bike arrived earlier than them :)


this is the one and only machine, just careful guys!


strong network of neighborhood.


phew! it's all good now, guys!

いやぁ、無事に入った、安堵の顔。もう、日本から遥々やって来たこの箱を見るだけで痺れる。皆の想いと情熱が詰まっている箱、届きましたよ!!! blue thunders

speaking of race, we checked W's #12. his parking lot was filled with old cars including my duster today. c'mon W, the race season has come!


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