Sunday, June 9, 2013

dust storm on the dry lake...

6:30am waiting for the tech.

A's triumph. he did an extensive upgrading and redesigned his machine for this season last month.


hello RH and SBL! and just right after this, they got 237.741mph!! congrats!

waiting in the starting line.

TC and MS were here!

the first round.

right after he left, i, as a support crew need to follow him by the van on the return road and i could hear the result over the radio from the tower. so, i knew it didn't go well and it made me a bit disappointed but after the result the radio didn't say anything else which meant both shinya and spike were ok so i ended up feel happy and serene :)


the result was 106.85mph. the ram air intake didn't work well. the mid range was pretty rough. since this was the first try, shinya wanted to adjust and try a couple more times but we only had one more run so instead of adjusting it, he decided to put the old air box back to see if other changes he made were ok.


waiting for the second round.

back in the starting line.


wind hold because of 40+mph cross wind.



the wind was picking up to 70+mph. most of people started to pack their stuff.

at 90+mph, the poly-john started to move around by themselves. and the second round was called off. oh, well. next month we have a course duty so we're not able to race. the next race will be on the salt flats in august.



ǝʌɹnɔoıpnʇs said...
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Anonymous said...

Ah man ! Too bad guys. I was looking forward to see if all the changes to spike would help Shinya go faster than his record. Oh well. Better luck next time. At least it gives you more time to work on improvements. Keep up the good work and the amazing blog. Peace x

menacing ayu said...

Bruce: thank you sooooo much for your kind words!

maximiliano said...

bummer!! spike did great last time!! she looks faster now!! better luck next time guys!!

menacing ayu said...

maximilano: thank you!!

Mac Guy said...

The adventure continues! As I am sure you guys already know, the fun is in the journey. From looking at your awesome photos, you guys had a blast and made new friends. Also Shinya was able to learn new and interesting things putting the Spike through its paces. As always, I ‘m looking forward to what comes next!!

Thanks for the great coverage!!!

Botkyrka Motorklubb - MC-sektionen said...

Great pics!

menacing ayu said...

Mac Guy: thank you! yes, we enjoy not only the result but the whole process so much and that's why we keep racing!

Botkyrka Motorklubb - MC-sektionen: thank you!!