Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"hello top of the mountain!" the GPZ550 said...

no more tyre problems! the GPZ550 and shinya finally made it to the top of the glendora mountain road! yay! and he really enjoys his new toy. pretty fast.


he says he has no head for heights but somehow he likes to walk down those narrow trails to see what's there.



the GPZ550 was too quiet that some bicyclists didn't even realize that he was approaching from behind on the canyon road. i, on the SR500 had to vroom vroom to let them know. shinya eventually wants to get four in one but for the time being...


ah, california regulations. these things were in the muffler. quiet is better? not always. shinya took it out.

this would make some sounds. we'll test it tomorrow at the canyon :D



movementpractice said...

aahhh GPZ!!

They catch my eyes for a while already... here in Spain they are 400cc...nice lines, light, air cooled, good brakes and suspension, good for curves and long distance, too.

but, if i buy one, my cb has yo go....oh well, for the time being, i´ll watch Shinya´s! :-)

wonder how it sounds...

movementpractice said...

however, Shinya is a master mechanic. I am just trying to keep my two bikes in good running order.
thanks so much for updating on the movement in and outside the workshop!
For me it is an inspiration and keeps me improving all parts of life.

menacing ayu said...

movementpractice: it sounds OK now, still gentle but much better. very fun to ride and well designed bike :)