Tuesday, July 9, 2013

a dream match-up...

 stoop tee!!



shinya working on the back of the seat section of the bmw.



GT of Brat Style stopped by and we took him to #12 to introduce W because they live close by in japan.

Brat Style のTカミネ氏が今年も遊びに来てくれた。さっそく12番にお連れして、Wタナベ氏を紹介。家が近いらしい。

and went for a canyon ride. had a great time!



W found a good engine hoist on craigslist!


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matthias said...

Hi Ayu,
hi Shinya,

as always great pics and short stories at your blog. Thank you therefore - for me a part of american lifestyle and motorcycle culture comes to Europe, comes to Stuttgart in Germany. Go on please - I will follow your site as often as possible...

Bikers Classics in Spa Francorchamps, Belgium was a really great event - you would have love it I am sure.

Greetings from Stuttgart