Friday, July 19, 2013

set up a base...

shinya's nephew sin5 is modifying the work desk to place a swing arm light.




this is #12 common space that Wata and Mr.Ouch! made for all of us but it will be sin5's office for now.


 sin5 moving out from #7...


 sin5 drawing something on the XT tank.

XT500 のタンクに何かを描き始めるsin5氏。



hope sin5 could disseminate something cool to the world from here :)



matthias said...

Hi Ayu,

nice tank styling - white hen gets the lightning, I like it. One day I will visit your garage with my SR500 and you have to style my SR tank, too!

Have a nice day...


menacing ayu said...

Matthias: that will be cool! your SR500, my SR500 and XT500 and go for a canyon ride :)

matthias said...

That's right... It would be very cool. The only question is: how can I transport my SR to the USA?


We will see... Maybe one day. A canyon ride would be great!

Bye, Matthias