Monday, July 1, 2013

sin5's strange habit...

H of Hammer sycle in japan stopped by for the first time in 5 years!

Hammer sycle のH氏が、たぶん5、6年振りに灼熱のチャボに寄ってくださいました。

 Hammer Sycle original parts



the summer heat is intense here so we took our motorcycles and went for a canyon ride in the late afternoon. shinya assigned his nephew sin5 to ride shinya's personal bike (the GPZ550) in case sin5 trips over again. sin5 said "oh, don't worry, i won't fell again!"


shinya had to test ride niimie's XS650 that he fixed yesterday.


oh my! sin5 always trips over when he gets to the destination...


 "i don't know what happened. was it me?" sin5 said. well, yes, the ground here is steeply sloped.


shinya's baby GPZ got a groggy blinker now :p shinya got a little bit huffy. just a little bit for a second :D 


shinya then suggested sin5 to ride back another shinya's personal bike, the 80's sporty, if the GPZ was too much to handle.


returned safely :)



Hairy Larry said...

Sidecar bike for Sin5? hehe

Anonymous said...

I see a moped in someone's future ...

movementpractice said...

uh, oh thats how experience grows...hope he doesn´t get stressed...