Friday, August 30, 2013

the greasy hands creatures...

shinya, sin5 and i are heading to venice to meet up with guys from the greasy hands preachers for their farewell gathering. perfect night for a ride so we took back roads.

shinya on SBL's bultaco at deus emporium.


lil' A on my XT, vroom vrooming.


 lil' A also liked shinya's GPZ550 :)

now lil' A's sister wants to join him :) so cute. they tried on most of the motorcycles in the parking lot :D


 doodle on a door.


A of the greasy hands preachers and...

the greasy hands preachersのAと・・・

C. we love you guys and your crews! see you again soon!

btw, we went to grab something to eat afterward on the way back and switched bikes. shinya took my XT, i took SR and sin5 took GPZ. and the GPZ stopped all of a sudden in downtown LA. so sin5 and shinya switched the bikes again and push started it but it stopped again in alhambra, this time couldn't push start it. so we left the GPZ at the gas station and came back with our van to pick it up. but still we can say we had a great night :)


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