Thursday, September 19, 2013

stage debut...

 to midtown manhattan, theatre district.


the motorcycle that shinya built in 10 days is going to be in the broadway show (just a little bit) and we came to see the opening night. will it start ok? can the actor handle the bike on the stage? wait, is it really in the show? we waited with a mixture of anticipation and dread.

when we heard the engine roar from the stage wing (the base was a brand new triumph)it gave us goose bumps and when we saw it storm out to the stage center, i thought it was worth every minute of shinya's effort and Wata's help. it stayed on the stage longer than we expected or maybe we just felt that way :) but shinya was very satisfied that he didn't give up or skimp on his work. i did nothing but i felt really good :D


afterwards, we finally felt like we were in new york!



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menacing ayu said...

Fumiさん: いやいや、それを覚えているのはFumiさんだけ・・・なんて。がんばりまっす!