Friday, September 27, 2013

the honda handsome SS final finish...

20 more hours to go...


shinya the giant.


he wants to put the handsome SS on a black board.

taking a quick break.

this may be the very last parts!


hammer finish it.


and for the other side...


now it's ok'd by shinya. done!



Voice of the Wind said...

what the..

It doesn't even resemble the Honda cub anymore... I think Senpai has a secret motorcycle factory in his head and he produces all the parts when everyone goes to bed.

Mac Guy said...

It took me a sec to see it, but its clear as a bell. I would have to agree that Shinya has a little factory hidden away producing his parts.

That little bean racer is a real Giant. Wow I love it!!! As always, fantastic work!!!

matthias said...

what a great bike - the bmw is great, but this little bike beats all before... reminds me of my puch ms50v somehow...

someone wants to buy my sr500, but somehow i am not quite sure whether its a good idea to sell?!

take care


menacing ayu said...

Voice of the Wind: hahaha honda cub have a lot to offer

Mac Guy: shinya said "thank you!"

matthias: i don't know about you but i'll keep my SR forever.