Tuesday, October 1, 2013


A and S of Revival Cycles from austin, texas brought their new creations to cali and rode up two of them "Beto" (guzzi) and "Pyro" (ducati sports classic) to our workshop. yup, they RODE them here. you know what that means...

テキサス州オースティンのRevival CyclesのAとSが作ったばかりの納車前のドカとグジィ(その他色々)をカリフォルニアに持って来ていて、その内の2台に乗ってチャボに遊びに来てくれた。うんうん、乗って来るところがいい!ってことは・・・

to the canyon! the "flash" (’75 ducati) by shinya and the "Pyro" (new ducati) and the "Beto" (’75 guzzi) by Revival and my '76 XT...


wow! this was too good to be true. i was lucky enough to watch these three special machines flying in the canyon. it was 2nd time for A and first time for S riding in this canyon but they rode pretty well. it was obvious that they do really enjoy and love motorcycling. and that's why they build beautiful AND fun to ride motorcycles. very simple.


wherever they are, whatever they ride, they have plenty to talk about motorcycles...


shinya had been given a chance to try the "Pyro"!! lucky guy.


A and S, heading back to venice for now.

that was a very memorable great ride! thank you for coming and giving us an opportunity to feel your creations, guys! and we miss you, Andy! ←who came last time but couldn't make it this time, the great fabricator at revival cycles ☺



Anonymous said...

It would've been fun seeing all of you guys together! All of my favorite builders in one place, Riding!!!

menacing ayu said...

Jeremy Lacy: it was very lucky for me to witness it!!!